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Top Meeting Trends for 2014

The January issue of Successful Meetings focused on “Four Top Meeting Trends for 2014”

1.      Meetings are Experiences

Many attendees have attended meetings in the same locations for many different conferences. This is forcing event planners to look for new and unique venues that are outside of the norm. Wouldn’t it be great for your attendees to be the “first” group who have attended a conference at a new place?  Planners are also looking to incorporate the outdoors into their meetings in some kind of capacity. The attendee is not only going to remember the conference, but the experience itself (location, food, extra activities, etc.)

2.      Attendees Want a Sense of Place

Attendees want to experience the local culture of where they are staying. We have all heard the stories from attendees who have come back from a conference and didn’t see anything but the meeting space. What a great way to add to the overall attendee experience by providing menus of food that are local to the area or providing local beer and wine to sample.

3.      It’s a Seller’s Market

Planners will need to contract with hotels much quicker than in the past. The trend is for higher occupancy so be prepared to make decisions quicker.

4.      Mobile Technology is Here to Stay

It used to be a nice addition to have event related technology, in this day and age it is a must. Planners must be engaging with attendees on many platforms before, during, and after the event. Event planners can also use social media to find out about problems with attendees and use the information to mitigate the problem in a timely manner.

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