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How to plan a Retro Summer Bash

As summer is almost over, and whether you want to relive the glory days, or wish you were there, a retro summer bash is sure to end your summer with a bang! With these five tips, you can travel back in time to any decade your heart desires!


Peace, brother! A seventies shindig full of tie-dye, peace signs, and early allusions of disco is the way to go! Tablecloths, hanging records, and a whole lot of love is sure to bring all sorts of fun to your summer bash! Check out our many rental companies to ensure you have the psychedelic party of your dreams.

Perter Corvallis Decor


No matter what time you want to revive, music is a must! From Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin in the 70’s, to LL Cool J, Nirvana, and Madonna in the 90’s, nothing quite throws you back from all the popular tunes of that decade. Kick back, relax, and rock out with the help from one of the many great DJ’s we have to offer.


No throwback is quite complete without proper attire. Whether you are a classic sixties housewife, dancing queen from the seventies, or flannel adorn, misunderstood individual from the nineties, you can never go wrong going all out, and instantly becoming the life of the party.


If you miss all the candy and food you ate as a kid, that is sadly discontinued or not as great as you remembered, you can always recreate that magic once again with ideas such as a candy bar with similar, or if you are lucky, the exact candy you ate as a kid, or even today! Doritos, Capri Suns, and Kudos Bars scream the best party from the nineties ever, or finger sandwiches and tea, is a classy sixties get together, everyone will be buzzing about. You can do it yourself or, in true sixties high-class fashion, have someone else do it for you! After chasing two little ones around, pinning your hair, and reapplying your lipstick, you deserve it. Find a caterer that will complete the party here.

Perter Corvallis Decor


After all this work, you have to document the wonderful memories somehow! A  photo booth, or even as specific as a disco dance floor brought in, are sure to keep your guests busy, and immersed in the decade. Capturing all the great costumes, and times are worth it in the long run when you look back on the great memories you will share at the best end of summer bash ever!

**BONUS** Create your own unique hashtag to enjoy at all your guest’s posts on social media from the party, for their own actual #throwbackthursday!

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