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Networking Like a Pro

The Key to Networking Like a Pro:

Networking events can be incredibly difficult. There is an easy trick you can use to networking like a pro. The biggest mistake you can make is planting yourself right at the entrance of a networking event to meet people. This is the worst spot! Here’s why:

When people walk into an event you have to give them time to breathe! Instinctively when we are in a new place around new people there are two things we want: Nourishment (typically a drink or food) and to survey the room. So don’t plant yourself right in the doorway. Anyone you pounce on right as they enter will only be thinking about getting something from the bar, loading up a plate or trying to check out the room surreptitiously over your head.

The best place to stand is right where people leave when exiting the bar. This way they have a drink in their hand and they are ready to mingle. This is always where I plant myself when I’m at networking events and it makes for super easy conversations.

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