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How to Throw a Green Event


How To Throw a Green Event

Trendy and eco-friendly, “green” events are becoming more and more popular and as a plus, you are sure to impress guests with your care towards the environment. Although it’s an option, it’s not necessary that you have a cause related to the environment and you don’t have to stick to a nature theme. A green event simply means when planning your event, you are aware of your choices and how they affect the planet. Here are a few guidelines and suggestions for an eco-friendly event.


Now is the time that an Evite or e-mail is appropriate for sending invitations. You can even create your own unique virtual invitations on websites like Canva or Paperless Post that follow along with your theme. If you really want to send handwritten invitations by mail, select recycled paper or another form of eco-friendly paper for the invitation and the envelope.


Try to use natural lighting as much as possible. If your event falls on a day with nice weather, hold it outside maybe under a tent and let the sun be your source of light. When evening falls, don’t worry – sunset and dusk lighting make for fabulous photos. If your event falls on a day with poor weather, hold the event indoors and light soy-based candles. Any candles used as centerpieces or placed on low surfaces need to be in a candle holder to avoid a fire hazard, but otherwise, get creative. Place candles in mason jars or use wire to suspend candles in re-used jars from the ceiling.


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Table Settings

Try to use real plates and silverware instead of plastic or paper. You can get creative here as well – make a trip to your local thrift store and choose plates with fun colors, shapes, or designs to add a pop of color or unique twist to your theme. This is a great idea if you don’t think you have enough plates of your own for the amount of guests you plan to invite. Serve as many finger foods as you can to avoid using an abundance of silverware and hand out cloth napkins rather than paper. They are more elegant anyway!


Instead of cutting flowers, try using a bowl of fruit or an edible arrangement as your centerpiece. Get creative and cut open a pineapple or watermelon and fill that with other fresh fruits. Or, choose a potted plant, flower, cacti or succulent as your centerpiece. Allow guests to take home these fruit or plant centerpieces as favors once the event has ended.


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When looking for caterers for your event, think organic and local. Your food, drinks, and desserts should come from local growers and nearby farmers or wineries. Make sure the food you buy doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, preservatives, or any weird, unknown ingredients. Consider picking up fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, and nut butters from your local Saturday market.


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If possible, coordinate small carpooling parties between guests. If it’s within the budget, have valet drivers transport guests via Prius or something unique and fun like carts with seats attached to bicycles.

Dressing Up

Get some girlfriends together and have a dress-swap party. This way everyone can wear something they haven’t worn before and no one has to spend money on buying a new outfit that they will likely not wear again.



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