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How to Make a Lasting First Impression

How to Make a Lasting First Impression:

Most people will judge you within the first second of meeting you, and their opinion will most likely never change. Making a good first impression is incredibly important because you only get one shot at it.

Princeton University psychologist Alex Todorov, had people look at a microsecond of video of a political candidate. Amazingly, research subjects could predict with 70-percent accuracy who would win the election just from that microsecond of tape. This tells us that people can make incredibly accurate snap judgments in a tenth of a second–and most of this is based on nonverbal!

You can make a lasting first impression by being conscious of your body language. When you walk into a room keep your hands visible and out of pockets, make direct eye contact and roll your shoulders back to stay relaxed and look poised.

Here are 3 power body language moves you can use in your first impression:

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