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How to Entertain with Food & Drinks

Entertainment can come in many forms. One way to spice up your cocktail hour and reception can be through the use of food and beverages. You are going to provide food and drinks already, don’t make it boring, but entertain your guest while they eat and drink. What you serve is much less important, but what makes lasting impressions is how you serve it. Here are the top five ways you can bring a little excitement by being creative with you food and beverage choices.

tasting stations

Tasting Stations: Living in the great Northwest, we have an abundance of alcohol producers. From wine to beer you can source hundreds of labels without needing to travel far. These tastings are great for a cocktail hour or after the formal dinner. Just set up various stations with 3-4 different, but similar, items such as white wines, ales, or even whiskey for your guest to try. Get your guest further involved and have them vote for their favorite or pair it with a complementary item like cheese for wine or cigars with whiskey.

food trucks

Food Trucks: Many different food trucks will come and deliver food for your event. This is a great way to get your guest excited and experience something different. Whether it is for cocktail hour, late night snack or dessert, food trucks always keep guest entertained.

food bars

Food Bars: You’ve probably seen food bars at other events, but they are still a great way to get your guest doing something different. These food bars can be ice cream sundaes, s’mores, crepes, candy, or even mash potatoes. These can be self-serve bars or manned by a professional catering to each individual. You can get real creative when you hire a professional by doing personalized cupcakes where the professional will allow the guest to pick one cake flavor, frosting flavor, and the drizzle on top and frost it on the spot. These food bars allow the guest to get involved and personalize what they want.


Tableside Service: Think beyond the buffet and more unique serving ways like tableside service. Instead of having a stationary carving station, bring the food to the guest and carve the food tableside. The way that the food is served can be a unique way to entertain your guests.

food as art


Food as Art: There is a concept new to Portland which is called roaming catering. To the full extent the wait staff would be dressed as tables that would roam around serving various foods. The idea behind this is that food can be presented as art, so if people dressed up as tables doesn’t fit within your theme, do it a different way. Make the food beautiful and presented and served if a different way. You can do this by providing the wait staff with colorful bow ties, cowboy hats, or jerseys to wear and unique serving platters like slabs of barn wood, antique silver platters, tops of wine barrels, or anything that fits the feel of your wedding.

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