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Generating Excitement for Your Event

Generating Excitement for Your Event

Having trouble getting your event to stand out? Need help promoting your event or generating buzz? Here are the top 7 tips and tricks we’ve come up with to generate excitement for your next event!

Tip #1

Reward last year’s attendees by offering them a special discount for signing up early! These attendees have already experienced the fun at your last event and are likely to sign up again, and they will be particularly inclined to sign up quickly with either a discount or special offer from you.

Tip #2

A sure way to get quick sign ups – offer early bird pricing. For clients or guests who sign up early, make the entry free $20 – $100 less than the normal price (depending on the size of your event and the normal price of course). This will motivate attendees to sign up quickly and early so they don’t miss out on the deal.

Tip #3

Promote your event on social media. Dedicate a Facebook page to your event or create a simple event and invite tons of people. Utilize Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as well to post statuses, photos, fliers, fun details, and more. Update your pages and social media accounts at least a few times a week. The more consistent the posts are, the better. Each update will be a reminder to attendees of the upcoming event and hopefully encourage them to sign up. Be sure to post photos from last year’s event to show how much fun it was!

Tip #4

Release sneak peak photos or details about the upcoming event. Announce the band or artist that will be performing at the event (if applicable), talk up the raffle tickets or prizes that will be available (if applicable), or post the dessert or cocktail menu if food will be served – anything that is exciting will do. These posts will not only remind potential attendees about your event, but they will also help attendees look forward to your event.

Tip #5

Reach out to industry organizations to help promote your event. Tell them about your event, e-mail them fliers or invitations, whatever it takes to make it simple for them to help promote. This will spread awareness about your event and help reach thousands of people that you probably wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise.

Tip #6

People love a good cause. If your event’s cause is noteworthy, talk about it! Post a flier on your Facebook page or write a blog post detailing your cause. Inform guests what the price of admission is paying for and how the price of raffle tickets will benefit your cause. People will want to attend your event if they think your cause is important, so don’t skimp on the details!

Tip #7

Set your event apart from the rest. Skip out on the same old theme and activities that have been done again and again. Make your event stand out with a unique theme, feature a special guest speaker, book the best performer in town, etc. Whatever it is, make it unique and memorable so past guests will want to return and new, potential guests will be intrigued.


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