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Event Exposure: Working with the Media

When planning an event attracting the media can be a huge task. In the article Event Exposure: Working With the Media in The Meeting Professional’s June 2015 edition, Peter Gorman reached out to longtime and acclaimed journalists to get the insider info on what it takes to get the media to your event.   Here are some key points from this interesting article:

Give them Incentive
The media and guests are alike in more ways than most realize.  For one journalist, Paul Cullum, being promised food and drink never hurts when trying to get him to attend your event.  He also claimed that he is more likely to be drawn to events in nice venues and celebrity guests.

Make it Relevant to the Reporter!
Cullum also says that it is important that the event has a “real-word component” that he could tie other relevant topics to, and that there is an angle. Reporter Eric Griffey agrees adding that he likes for the relevance of the event to his own present and past work in a personalized email.  Both Griffey and Gorman claimed that they preferred personalized emails to phone calls.

Let the Reporter Break the News
According to this article, Griffey admitted, “News people like to break the news, and if you’ve put it out there on Facebook, well, every blogger in the world has a chance to scoop me, so that wont get me to your event.” When possible it is important to give the reporter a first look at information that no one else has the opportunity to tell the public.

To read the entire article check out the June 2015 edition of The Meeting Professional . Or click here to check it out online. 

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