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Engage Your Audience! 

In today’s world of content on demand, it is important to keep your audience fully engaged. No longer will attendees be satisfied with monotone lectures and dull PowerPoint slides. Your audience, who is more than likely paying big bucks to hear you speak, wants access to things they can’t read on their own. It comes down to interactivity. The following is a list of event activities that will engage your audience and keep them interested and leave them feeling satisfied.

Crowd Polling

Who doesn’t want to compare his own opinion to that of others? Polls are a great way to get people involved. And in today’s modern “I have an app for that” world, you can even download phone applications that will save you from renting dedicated polling equipment.

Table Teams

An excellent way to develop a connection between your attendees, you can turn table assignments into teams. Have each team create a name and sign for their table and then implement team projects and group discussions.

Scavenger Hunts

Send your guests on a race to match vendors with clues. Not only is this fun for attendees, vendors will appreciate the extra recognition.

Graffiti Boards

Use a large whiteboard or bulletin board as a space for your guests to post messages, business cards, reminders, comments, contest submissions, etc.

Offsite Events

This is a great way to keep your attendees engaged after hours. Options for offsite events can include happy hours, sightseeing tours, sporting events, etc.

Comfortable Conferences

There is nothing worse than having to sit in a hard plastic chair for hours with no breaks and nothing to look at but a podium and a large blank wall. You can make your guests feel comfortable by adding lounge furniture, coffee stations, WiFi, etc.

Eliminate Downtime

Incorporate multiple channels of information for your guests by adding LCD monitors to common areas that stream conference updates and interviews. You can even employ floor hosts to walk around and chat with attendees and vendors.


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