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Creating a Facebook Event

Creating a Facebook Event is one way to gain more exposure for your next event. This could even be used in place of invitations. Follow these instructions to create a Facebook Event. 

1. Click on the “Events” tab

Near the top left of your screen, below your profile picture

2. Click on “+Create Event”

Between the “Invites” and “Today” tabs

3. Choose the name of the event

Think carefully about how you name your event because this can influence how many people actually attend and what your attendees will expect. The most important thing is clarity. You want people to know what they’re signing up for. For example, if you’re celebrating something like a birthday or a recent accomplishment, make sure your guests know so they congratulate the right person when they show up. You also want to make sure your event name is simple and maybe a little bit creative to show your guests this is a can’t-miss event

4. Add more details about the event

The details will also affect your guests’ overall impression of the event. You want to set the tone and to tell them how important it is to RSVP. If your event is a more serious one, let people know to expect that. On the flip side, if the environment will be more relaxed and party-like, your guests should know that as well. People should also know what to wear if there is a dress code and what to bring if it’s a BYOB or potluck event. Make sure everyone is in the know so they don’t show up and feel surprised. Unless, of course, it’s a surprise party you’re planning!

5. Add the location of the event

Be clear about the location. Give the exact address, even if it’s somewhere your guests have all been before. If the event is at your home and you’re not comfortable putting your address on Facebook, you can give it to your guests through email or private message. Make sure your guests know if it is important to show up on time. Some events may have a more casual start time, but if you’re throwing a surprise party or speaking at a conference, your guests should know that they need to be there on time.

6. Add the date and time of the event

Use the calendar to pick the correct date and tell your guests when the event will start. Check the calendar to make sure your event isn’t on a major holiday, sporting event or TV viewing event. This may discourage some guests from attending.

7. Choose which friends to invite

Click on “Invite Friends” and consider the event when choosing your guest list. If you invite 200 people to an intimate event and all of them show up, you may be in trouble. But if you’re publicizing something like your own poetry reading or art show, invite everyone you know to help get your name out there.

8. Set the privacy settings of the event

Open to public – Choose this option if anyone is welcome

Open to friends of guests – If you don’t mind if your guests bring friends, this is the best option.

Invite only – This is the most private option and will ensure that only the people you really want to see will show up.

9. Click “Create” and your event will be published!


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