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Company Picnics And Why You Should Be Planning Yours

As we are starting to see an increase of our economy coming back to life, it’s time to start thinking about bringing back those wonderful summer company picnics. First, summer picnics have always been a highlight for many as it is a change of pace from the daily grind as there are few holidays throughout the summer months. As a company owner keeping high moral and creating a fun and relaxing environment is always important. Getting your employees outside and changing the scenery might seem like a huge undertaking as well as financial, but it’s just a small way of showing your commitment to them. Below are four tips to help you along in creating a summer picnic that will make your employees feel valued and also perk everyone’s spirits.

  1. Team-Building & Networking
    We all work hard throughout the year and without realizing it build up natural walls between departments. A summer picnic allows colleagues who are dispersed in different departments to come together and formally meet. Put a face to the name of the person you have been emailing back and forth, as they are in IT and you are in marketing. This also gives a chance for colleagues to meet senior level management that might never have the chance to introduce them selves otherwise, and speak to them in a neutral environment.
  2. Show your Appreciation for your Employees
    One of the best ways for the senior leadership team to show its appreciation for its employees is to sponsor a get-together where people can have a meal and connect outside of work. The picnic doesn’t have to be something over the top. Simple cold drinks, hamburgers, hotdogs and good music is all it takes. In an age where we are all trying to stay current with all the trends, sometimes less is more and is as effective in showing your appreciation for your employees.
  3. Supporting your Employee and their Family
    Don’t underestimate the value of being loved by the little ones. Not just because it’s a joy to see the smiles on their faces as they enjoy fun activities, but also when those children leave they can talk about the great place that their parent/s work. I still remember my father’s company picnic as a child. There were tons of fun activities for us kids to partake in and I’m in my late 30’s. It’s those summer picnics that my father’s company had every year that have made me write this blog.
  4. We inspire Gratitude
    The appreciation that comes from employees who attend these events is priceless. As a company owner who has poured your heart into making it something it is today and outlasted the struggling economy and the employees who stuck by you and worked just as hard. This is why company picnics are such an easy and rewarding token of gratitude that you can offer to them. This also encourages employee loyalty and continued hard work.

The true value in having a summer picnic is in the connection building opportunities they provide. In this modern hustle and bustle industry we live in, it’s always a positive decision to set aside a day to devote time to the people that have helped you build the company that it is today. There are so many wonderful resources out there to assist you along to creating a summer picnic that is fun for everyone who attends.


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