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5 Twitter Tips to Promote Your Next Event

With the technology booming, the event world is always evolving.  Recent technology and the growth of social media, to be more specific, has created many new outlets to use when promoting your next event.  In the April 2015 edition of Smart Meetings, I found an article by Don Power with 5 helpful tips on how to use Twitter to promote all of your future events.  Below are his 5 major tips for twitter success!

Tip 1: “Beef Up Your Bio”
Twitter is known for its infamous 160 characters restriction, so make those characters count!  Be sure to include relevant searchable key words in order to be easily found by those seeking your services.

Tip 2: “Use #Hastags”
Try to use relevant and high-traffic hashtags in order to reach a larger audience and to gain maximum exposure.  Hashtag use is a great way to create conversation about your events or services and to gain general exposure.

Tip 3: “Find Your Target Audience”
Use Twitter to search for key words in order to find accounts that may be part of your target audience.

Tip 4: “Create Twitter Lists”
Save accounts that are part of your target audience to Twitter lists.  This will allow you to more easily monitor different accounts and will allow you to easily access these different accounts in the future.

Tip 5: “Display Real- Time Tweets at Your Event”
Tweet while your event is going and encourage attendees to do the same! It also helps if you specify event hashtags.

To read about these awesome tips in more depth check out the April 2015 edition of Smart Meetings or click here to check it out online.

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  1. John Barry, Mar 08, 2016 - 5 Twitter Tips to Promote Your Next Event

    These are all amazing!! Will be sharing this.Nice your post.

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